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Anthony and Amanda Kumnicks relationship with Stephen and Tania Walter of Burrum Biodymanics stretched back long before Great Western Granary when the Kumnicks were converting their free range pig operation to biodynamic. Stephen and Tania became their mentors and advised on biodynamic operations. Having a understanding of their farming methods meant that incorporating Burrumbiodynamic products in Great Western Granary offerings was a no brainer. Stephen and Tanias passion for strong healthy soil is shines though in their award winning produce. Great Western Granary use Burrum Biodynamic rye, spelt, rolled oats and most of their other products will show up at some point in Great Western Granary sourdough.

BurrumBiodynamic 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 9.09.30 pm.png

The Kumnicks and the Seymour family at Mt Zero have been shoulder to shoulder representing Grampians produce for the best part of 10 years. 

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