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Bread and Raised


The Grampians


Great Western Granary

Great Western Granary is situated in the heart of the wine village of Great Western.  Owned and operated by Anthony and Amanda Kumnick this boutique sourdough bakery combines the Kumnick's passion for innovation with local, heritage and organic grains.

Having travelled the world for the last 20 years Anthony and Amanda moved to Great Western in 2017 following their time spent building leading rare breed free range pork operation Greenvale Farm.  This award winning business was recognised for business innovation, five years of gold Australian Fine Food awards and the first commercial production of Spanish style acorn fed jamon in Australia which was awarded best new product in Australia by the Delicious Awards. 

Great Western Granary produces terroir influenced innovative sourdough products with superior flavour which capture the essence of the Grampians region and pay homage to the farmers from whom the raw ingredients are sourced.


Did you know....

Indigenous Australians have been identified as being the worlds first bakers pre-dating the Egyptians by some some 13000 years. Producing bread from native grasses some 30,000 years ago according to author of Dark Emu Bruce Pascoe.



The Great Western Granary aspires to build a business to showcase and develop the organic and biodynamic grains industry in the Grampians region. We work with local biodynamic and organic grains and transform them into superior sourdough products specifically developed to highlight the produce of the region.  


Great Western Granary works with the current local vibrant food movement in the Grampians region to highlight the exceptional produce of the area and giving our customers the best products we can develop.



Simply put Sourdough bread is one of the healthiest forms of bread. If you suffer from gluten intolerance or IBS irritable bowel syndrome (as Anthony does) sourdough bread might be for you. Its also on the list of FODMAP foods and is a low GI food.

The reason sourdough can work for people with a gluten intolerance is that unlike breads with fast acting commercial yeasts; the natural yeasts and bacteria in sourdough, slowly break down the grains carbohydrates and proteins as part of during the slow fermentation process assisting in the digestion of the bread.

Sourdough is packed with nutrition as the fermentation process breaks down the phytic acid which can cause bloating.  This can also enable the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals. 

BUT ... Always be sure you are eating genuine sourdough. Check out the ingredients list, if the bread contains any added yeast its not sourdough and you wont get the same health benefits. If the bread contains sourdough and added yeast then the sourdough has been added for flavour.

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